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Seth Miller's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Seth Warner Miller was born September 23,1949 to Carl Jay Miller and Jane (Warner) Miller in Sandusky, Ohio. The family attended Grace Episcopal Church. Seth's parents owned a bookstore, and Seth greedily devoured literature throughout his life. He attended Perkins High School in Sandusky and studied Liberal Arts at Colorado College. He then majored in Electrical Engineering at the New Hampshire Technical Institute. He worked in the hotel industry in every capacity imaginable, eventually becoming an Engineering Controller and Supervisor. This would lead to his work with Scientific Control Systems: He became President and part owner of SCS in January of 2000. In May of 2013, Systems Associates Inc in Bowling Green purchased SCS and Seth continued to work with them as a Project Manager and Controls Engineer, installing and servicing Commercial Building Automation systems throughout the United States. Seth was a true polymath. Friends and family could go to him with any question, and he would have the detailed answer. He delighted in research and discovery. Seth had an absolute passion for steam-related items (engines, oilers, gauges, governors), early lighting devices and telephones, 19th century soda fountains, electric motors/dynamos/circuitry, and early machine tools. He dreamed of setting up a fully operational belt driven machine shop, and had carefully added to his collection over the years with this in mind. He was the family genealogist, he enjoyed comics and photography, and above all, he lived for quality time with beloved family and friends. "Generous." "Extraordinarily bright." "Mischievous." "A treasure." Seth is deeply loved by so many. He always took the time to listen attentively. He observed, and wherever he saw a need, he would lovingly try to address it. Those who knew him well tell moving stories of times that Seth went above and beyond to do something thoughtful, meaningful, special. Seth passed away on March 29, 2018. Seth's life will be celebrated at Lake Front Park 310 Park Street in Huron Ohio on Saturday June 16, 2018. He will be buried at sea off the Isles of Shoals in August. For additional information about either memorial, please contact Laura Cogbill at littlefootball@gmail.com. Undoubtedly, Seth is reading one of his favorite books, in his comfy chair, with a glass of port, after a glorious day in his dream shop, ready for us to come visit when it's our time.